New book for jewelry designers

Tim McCreight's book, Jewelry Making Techniques for Metal is exactly what I was looking for when I decided to start studying to get a greater understanding of, well, metal working techniques for making jewelry. Over the past months my interest in branching out beyond what I've been learning with high-fired stoneware clays and porcelain and the beading techniques I've been expanding on. Until really recent months, the only "metalwork" I did was to merely curl and wrap silver and copper wire and sometimes hammer parts of it. Then I made those way fun copper and sterling earrings I keep referring back to, and loved that as well. But instead of sating my desire, I found the interest was merely stoked. It's so intriguing, each new result.

My interest led me where it usually does: to the 'net. And there I found that Tim McCreight is considered by many to be one of THE experts in the field. Which naturally meant I had to buy one of his books. So this is the one I've chosen and although I'd actually love to devour it entirely from start to finish, I've been trying to "be good" and hold off, interspersing my reading. With, y'know, the stuff that actually does pay the bills. And knitting. Which doesn't. But it makes me really happy and so I keep doing it. AND hanging with my seester talking about the baby and what life will be like when he gets here. And teaching her to knit.

Good stuff.