As simple as a smile

A few minutes ago at the supermarket, I was rushing to finish my shopping. So was everyone else. It was late, getting a tad bit chilly outside, and I have no doubt we all had some place we'd all rather be. It wouldn't have struck me if it had only been one of them. But three separate individuals seemed to be stunned by something as simple as a genuine smile.

I think those who were there to provide me service were tired. They seemed to be. But each one of them, upon our parting pleasantries, did a little double-take and each of them had a little surprise and relief in their eyes. I chose to interpret their expressions in a positive manner. They each seemed so warmed by something so simple. I'm always a little amazed by what a smile can do. I'm going to make a special effort to do even more of that. If unintentional gestures can elicit that much positivity, imagine if I made the effort to really brighten someone's day. Food for MY thought. Thought I'd pass it on.