Clay and yarn and movies

Days like yesterday make days like today imperative. Which is to say, I put in very little "desk time" (as a good friend refers to it,) and quite a lot of social time.

Being so good at being, well, me, I can convince myself that every social occasion is an opportunity for my business, and so I justified my accepting a coffee date with friend and colleague, Dena Harris, the same day I accepted a lunch and movie date with friend, Betty. Want to know how I justified it? Great! Then let me tell you!

Well, first, I haven't seen Dena since her book launch party at The Green Bean. That was a no brainer. An hour and a half with a friend who is also a colleague and fellow freelancer is completely reasonable. Even vital, on occasion. She had so much to share with me about the NSA University (National Speaker's Association conference) at which she was a presenter last week. Professional development is vital in all career paths but different when you leave your day job. In my "gainfully employed" days, those events just rolled around, we signed up to present or attend, and in the end we'd learned much regardless of which side of the podium we were on. The self-employed have to be a little more proactive in gaining these professional development opportunities. And sitting across a table with warm coffee is exactly the kind of learning experience I relish. Hearing, first-hand, of her experiences from the planning phase throughout the event itself taught me much. Especially since Dena and I fall on, er, diverse ends of the spectrum where organizational and planning skills are concerned. I learn so much from her.

Oh! And she's writing a book in which some of the characters will draw on experiences she hasn't personally had. But guess who has? You guessed it. Collaboration is key.

Moving along in my "how I can justify not sitting at my desk for more than two hours yesterday" rant, let me tell you about seeing Dr. Zhivago for the first time in the middle of a work week. Actually, I'll keep it short; I have a lot on my list today. Betty invited some of her friends to lunch and a viewing of this movie they all loved dearly when they got to see it in the theatres. Well, since I wasn't born yet when the movie was in the theatres and never got around to seeing it, it seemed a good idea for me to say yes! Not only do I enjoy her company mightily, the other friends she invited were quite nice.

Among her guests were a photographer, a painter, and an activist who isn't content to just receive treatment for her own Parkinson's disease but is organizing a walk to raise research funding. These women have been teachers in the past and so you can imagine the kind of ways in which the conversations added to my life. I very much enjoyed meeting them.

I'll also tell you that while I didn't churn out hundreds, I took porcelain clay with me and made several pendants while we watched the movie. Which is very definitely work. And then when I wasn't "feeling it" anymore, I turned to the knitting and nearly finished one of the 5 scarves I've been working on (only need to add fringe to the other end and that baby's done,) and worked a bit more on another one. That's not work work, but at least I was developing some sort of useful skill.

So generally I had a fantabulous day and felt like I accomplished much. Today's endeavors have to contribute much more directly to the actual generating of income. No matter how professionally developed a person may be, she's still gotta' eat. No coffee dates. No movies. No knitting. I'll be checking off items right and left, this work day.

Oh, and I enjoyed the movie very much. Good thing, too, since it's really, really long.