For those who know about the Million Dollar Homepage but haven't been keeping up lately, I thought I'd mention that in just over 4 hours, Alex Tew's last 1000 pixels will be sold on eBay. The auction is coming to a close and I'm more intrigued than I thought I'd be. Sadly, I don't think I'll be in a position to actually check in online to watch the last few minutes. I'm going to try, though.

I have an affinity toward anyone who tries something different and actually makes it work. This one's certainly taken off. I've been pulling for this guy for months since I first heard of his idea. International press has been stellar, and I'm reminded that "build it and they will come" is only occasionally true. At others, you have to put a lot of effort behind getting your idea out there. He certainly did and good for him.

Now if I could just come up with an idea just as powerful and promote it as well as he did. Hmmm...