Photographic technique: the search

To answer the everpresent question: what is the best way to photograph my jewelry?, this is what I do: search through random links to websites that promote artisan jewelers and their work and see how their photographic techniques may or may not enhance my own work. I've mentioned before that I haven't yet found the perfect fit, and so I keep shooting the images in the way that works on a given day. But this morning I found something I'm going to try.

What's funny about it is that there's nothing new about this technique. I studied photography, for goodness sake. I played with light. A lot. So what I'll show you is perfectly familiar. But sometimes it's about timing and context. Today I was looking FOR a technique to try. And so I've found one.

First I found a site belonging to the Meredith chapter of the League of N.H. Craftsmen. The photo I liked is of work by artist is Elizabeth Nowers. I Googled her and found that she has moved her website to Which makes sense to me! When I found her site, I liked several of her pieces. Although today I'm really mostly concerned with the photography of that one piece you can find on both pages.

How handy that today two separate notes on my schedule will take me to a side of town that has at least three different art supply stores. Guess who has a coupon? Well, I believe that you can achieve by using a number of different backdrops, and I'm going to start by using a favorite - that also happens to be economical. I'll buy watercolor paper in black. And use a bold light in the center of the frame. And see what I get.

As is my custom, I promise to get back to you and let you know how it goes. I'll buy the paper today. Not sure when I'll actually shoot the images - my lights are in storage. Perhaps I'll peek around in Jan's garage and see if she has one that could work. I'm sure I can rig something if need be. Artists are inventive, sometimes by necessity. It'll be fun. For now, time to move on to other tasks. that kitty playing with the beads I didn't put away? Hmmm...better go see.