New obsession

All right...I'll just lay it out there. The main reason I kept knitting at arms' length for so long is that I am an obsessive person. I learn to do something new and I eat, drink, sleep it. So how's a person who's already missing throwing on a potter's wheel, hasn't yet created a quarter of the clay pendants she's sketched, is craving knowledge of the properties of metals so she can manipulate them to her own adornable desires, and wants to see the world supposed to make time for a new obsession?

Apparently it's not important to answer such questions when you're on the cusp of embracing a new, er, pasttime. Which is why I currently have 3 scarves in process, you know I've given one away, and I've ripped out another, and haven't yet photographed the very first piece I ruined, for you to see. I will. It's waiting and you'll see it eventually. But if I start using the camera, i'm gonna' remember all those necklaces I have waiting to be photographed for my websites and maybe for eBay (I like to purge old designs sometimes...I'll let you know if you're looking for a good sale; maybe you'll be interested in getting something for cheap!) and who's got time to do what they're supposed to be doing when there's all these scarves to be knit?

Today I was online reading up on "the purl stitch" which I don't yet know how to do, but apparently that's okay since I've only been knitting for, what, a week now? That search led me to some pretty hard core knitting websites. I mean, there are people so into knitting they'd be amazed that I share my thoughts on the craft I'm so far behind. But maybe not...they seem like nice enough women. There are knitting blogs out the wazoo and I'm gonna' find more. 'Cause the thing about the arrival of "the blog" as a form of sharing information is it's so easy to have one and to maintain and reasonably priced (sometimes get to choose that, too,) that anybody can pretty much do it. Therefore anything you want to know about is accessible if you're patient enough to research until you find a little circle of blogs. Meaning if you find a good one, usually close behind will be a good list of links and many people who post a "blogroll" or some other collection of links their readers might find to their liking, and those lists are such a discovery for someone with an attention span like, oh, a 3 year old.

So I've learned a little about the purl stitch which I've decided is okay since I don't have to knit all the scarves in the world before next weekend, and I can keep perfecting the knit stitch until I've at least completed the current projects and then I'm gonna' hunt me down a pro and figure out how to do it. Which is probably a bigoldlie. I'll probably try and teach it to myself tonight using a book Jan bought and/or one or the other examples I've found online 'cause baby loves instant gratification!

I'll let you know. And of course now I'm having a dilemma about the pictures. The projects I'm working on right now are meant to be gifts and what if the people I'm going to give 'em to see them here? Then again, I don't think these particular intended recipients read my blog so it's probably just as well I post 'em here.

How can it already be after 4pm on the first day of the year? Tomorrow I'm back to the workweek activities and that means more creativity and organizing of web stuff and it's all still good but knitting will be relegated back to a pasttime and not allowed during the workday. So I'd better get on it before all the free time I've let myself have is all gone and life returns to normal.

"Normal," of course, means all this coughing is gone. Thanks for the emails checking in. I'm much, much better. Maybe 92% better. How's THAT for an estimate of the relative healthiness of my upper respiratory arena?