Knitting and jewelry design combined!

bzscreen1.jpgFollowing my earlier pattern of looking online for interesting blogs instead of "just googling" some keywords, I discovered all sorts of goodies. None of which surprised me more than this little gem. Now I've designed a couple of necklaces using interesting fibers and clay pendants, but they don't look anything like this. It's not a comparison, just a commentary on how I'd certainly been aware that there were indeed necklaces created with the yarns many people use to knit scarves and sweaters and socks and stuff (oh my) with, but never anything like this.

By following more links than I care to even try and share with you (it's usually good form to share the path, and tonight I'm just abandoning all thoughts of good form - I'm sleepy,) I ended up here. It seems that: "The Knitted Necklace, from designer Barbara Zucker, is an innovative line of jewelry that features knitted bands, with a sculptural curved or V-shaped clasp worn in the front, available in either a brushed or polished finish." Now how cool is that???