Happy 2006!

There is nothing quite like the promise of a new year stretching out in front of us. I mean, even little silly mundane tasks like organizing forteen million beads is looming and I'm thrilled with the idea.

I used to have a roommate who curmudgeon-like, would always say, "If I'm going to change something, I do it when I think about it...not at the beginning of the year." And of course I saw her point. But there's something about a fresh, clean slate, even if it's on a calendar, that gives us permission, almost encouragement to rethink our habits and progress. I love new years. Love 'em.

And so it's very likely I'll spend my day in the minutia of organizing and cleaning and, er, knitting scarves (I'm completely obsessed,) and writing in a journal, making good sense of the year that's past and anticipating the one that's coming up and talking to friends.

Let me pass on good advice from Jan, now, too. She reminded me recently that last year I declared, "This is going to be a huge year. I can feel it." She said, "And it was. Can you please word it differently this year?" And I am, and encourage you too, to be very specific as you make your declarations of the year's bounty. Peace and love and balance and centering and focus and kindness and good will and laughter. Those are the HUGE concepts I'm anticipating this year. Only the good.

I'm thinking about that movie, Pay it Forward, in which people who've been given something great (tangible or not,) do something wonderful for someone else, Just Because, as they're paying it forward to someone else. My sister, Joy, and I used to refer to the concept as "putting it in the pot." For example, if your friends are moving and don't hire movers (ours rarely did,) you go help them as long as you can. Doesn't matter if they did or can help you move, someone else will come to your aid when you need it. Just put it in the pot, man, put it in the pot. Same thing.

And that's my first morning tangent of the new year. Thanks for reading my ramblings. If you come again and again, I love knowing you're here reading my stuff. If it's your first time, I promise sometimes I'm even funny and interesting. Come back. Either way, I wish you the happiest year you've ever known. May it be filled with millions of good things, from the very tiniest to the magnificent.

Peace and Love and Light...