"This program is not responding"

When I'm working at my computer (a great deal of the time) the last words I want to have splashed across the monitor to me are "This program is not responding." By the time I'm told, I've already figured that out and so this announcement is always, always an annoyance that hails even longer waits. And we already know that extra seconds waiting for a computer to do something that usually requires no wait can be excruciating.

This morning I had an issue I had yesterday and I found it alarming. Until it hit me what was likely happened. I was about to resize and rotate a photo I took yesterday. Simple, simple stuff. But the system kept locking up in the middle of what I thought was an easy request. Command. Whatever. Today it happened again. Then it hit me. I'm trying to alter the photo while it's still on the camera's itty bitty storage card. Not a good plan, apparently.

Don't you love it when you solve a seemingly small problem? Yea, me too. Apparently...