More fun with packing

Oh the time creeps along when you have a deadline like the one I've gotten myself into. Today might have been the best day yet, in terms of progress toward reaching my goal of having it all packed and out of here in time to move my SELF from this place.

The furniture is being moved on Saturday, except for the bed which will stay a little longer, and a couple of folding chairs, and I'll continue to deal with the boxes for the following few days. Hey, whatever I have done prior to then (as in tomorrow,) will make the aftermath (so to speak) even more smooth. But I have agreed to have lunch with friends I rarely see (timing seems off, and yet isn't it good to occasionally break for ourselves, too?) and have found a place, finally, to take the clothes I'vve been wanting to donate. That have been riding around in my car for days now. Then my parents are coming for the night. They could stay at my sister's house just outside of town, but I want them here with me, somehow. I guess it's selfish. They'd sure be more comfy at her house. But it'll be fun. Like a chaotic little adventure.

Meanwhile, I've found a couple more tips for anyone who's gonna' pack soon. If you're concerned about padding in the bottom and top of boxes filled with breakable items, go to your shredding bin, pull out some of the mass of strips, and stuff the bottom of a big trash bag. Roll it up and don't have to worry that you're running out of newspaper. AND it doesn't get all that black ink on your fingers. Same with all those extra plastic bags you always get from the supermarket when you forget to bring in your string or canvas bags and you keep forgetting to take them for recycling and might occasionally just throw away. Another great thing for packing. Sadly, I'm running out of all of it. I just can't see paying for newsprint if there's plenty of good stuff that's just gonna' get thrown away, y'know?