Packing tips

A couple of months ago when I helped a friend move, it occurred to me I should blog about some of the things I learned just by being a sideline participant. Today I'm thinking of some more, as I learn my own lessons not so far away on the sidelines.

If you're helping a friend move, here's a great possible gift. A sturdy giftbag (If It's Paper carries these plastic shopping bags in all sizes that are incredibly sturdy,) with at least the following items:

  • A roll of transparent tape
  • A roll or two of packing tape - it seems to always run short, or at least the wrong person has it down the hall when you need it in the kitchen
  • A bottle opener
  • Scissors
  • A "break away" knife (much faster than a utility knife with replacable blades since you merely break away one small section after it goes dull, rather than having to replace the whole blade
  • Index cards
  • Stickie notes
  • A pen and/or pencil
  • A handy phone numbers - for local friends as well as a handful of favorite takeout places
  • Extra permanent markers, preferably in several colors

Even though I originally thought this list would be a good idea for a gift for your friend who's moving, and I still do, I've discovered a few other things I'll share with you:

  • The dollar store rocks when you're packing up all your stuff...they have
    • Multi-packs of those very utility knives I mentioned
    • Perhaps lesser quality but sturdy, nonetheless, packaging tape. Possibly not what I'd use for taping the bottoms of your boxes, but quite adequate for closing the tops
    • Resealable food-storage bags - it's great to have extras of these on hand - small and large - for gathering loose items (such as hair clips, pens, so they don't get lost "from their friends"
    • You can also sometimes get these great lidded boxes.
    • Handled bags made for gift-giving - they're perfect for packing things you don't need to seal away in a box and might want access to later.
And on and on it goes. The thing about the dollar store is you never know what will turn up in there! I always leave with a little bundle of great finds when I go.