Triad area website for Katrina relief

With so much information inundating us on tv and online, it's hard to know the best place to go for good information for those who want to help. Naturally the American Red Cross is one of the central locations we can all tuirn for information, but I know people who are interested in doing something locally as a number of currently displaced New Orleans citizens will be coming to our community.

ncdisasterreliefthumb.gifI found this site to be useful for anyone who wants to contribute time or goods, and needs to know how best they can do so. is naturally just evolving, but it's been set up with a range of resources and promises to grow quickly. I was able to type in my contact information along with a list of skills I can provide as needed. Site visitors are instructed to anticipate a volunteer's contact soon. And this way the phone lines are freed up. Hope it helps you, too, if you're in the area.