There's a great quote about boredom

I don't know who said it first. I first heard it from my sister when she was in high school, and she didn't know to whom it should be attributed then, either, if I recall correctly. It reads something like this. "At this moment, everything that has ever happened is affecting everything that will ever be. And some people are bored." It says so much, this little quote.

Although it's true that at 13 I was bored on a number of occasions, it seems to me that there's just no excuse for someone who's passed the angst of "adolescent turns teenager" to be bored in today's world. With so much possibility and opportunity. I'm sure I could be wrong. So I'll just put it on myself. If I ever get bored, I'll try and remember this rant and work really hard to find something meaningful to fill my day.

Today was a full day. We'll skip over the morning since there's nothing blog worthy in there, but then there was the fullness of my day. Work on a new website was great grand fun. Oh, that was after I set up a new email address for myself. (Since the move I still haven't finished a few straggling remains of things that should have been handled days ago.) The setting up of said address took longer than I would have liked, but each system has its own quirks and so I had to wade through a few new instructions. Then after much self-congratulations over my great work for the new client, I showered, did more great work, then ran some errands. After that, I went to Marcy's. She's a fellow artist who called to invite me to share a booth at an upcoming fair where we'll sell our cool stuff to the waiting throngs. Then she invited me to come out and work in her studio. That was a hoot. The pieces I'm working on right now are, quite frankly, a pain in the patootie. I love 'em, or still think I'm going to when they're done. But they take ages to make and since I never fired any yet, I have yet to know what's going to evolve from today's work. But am about to find out. Marcy's firing a bisque this weekend.

Then I ate Chinese food with Marcy, husband Macon and daughter Rebecca who brought dessert. Remember when you moved away and came home with your laundry? I don't recall ever being that generous. To bring a tasty treat when I also brought my laundry home to Mom's. Good stuff, that. I'll take a lesson.

And then my evening ended with some emails and a nice phone call. Perhaps it's a good time to call it a night.