Meeting with another, er, free spirit

I'm meeting with a new client now. Like right now. Oh yes I am, too. She's had to go downstairs and talk with the contracter because her husband got caught up elsewhere and so when we finished the outside part of our meeting and started to move it inside so we can look at some things online, she naturally had to pay attention to the patient man who'd been waiting for a while now.

I adore Lynn. And it's going to be a hoot working on her website revision. She's had a website for years. But it just sits there and tells you to check back soon. And has been for a long, looooong time. I know a lot about this. In fact, I suspect if I broke apart all my sites, I'd be shocked to recall how many parts I'd left hanging and in need of updates right away. So that's where Lynn found herself when she stopped by my old office to learn that I don't live there anymore. I mean work there. Freudian much?

Fortunately, a mutual friend pointed her to me and tonight we're getting this ball rolling. I am having so much fun. Lynn talks as much as I do, her mind is in a million different places at once, and she has more than that many projects going at any given time. Sound like anybody you know?

And she's been saving a boatload of beads in a little plastic crate for me for a year. Really, they've been sitting on that stair leading down to the basement for that long with my name on 'em, and I don't doubt that for a single minute. So I got free beads. And they'll come in really handy next time I make something really sparkly, really shiny. They're fun.

As is Lynn. I think I'm gonna' go hunt her down...