Love/hate and deadlines

Not a single deadline in particular. Just thinking about deadlines in general and how ironic that a creative type such as myself would set herself up with a career path that inherently requires creating and maintaining an endless stream of deadlines. The ultimate challenge for a person such as myself is meeting a single deadline. So why not have forty or fifty looming at any particular time? Heh...

Makes me think about all those times when, waxing philosophical in this or that group, someone stated - as if it were the most profound idea of them all - "You set yourself up for challenges that you need the most. So if you struggle with something you're going to have to face it again and again until you 'get it'." And all those around the circle would look very moved and nod their consent. "Yea, man, that's exactly what I do, too!" Well duh. That's the core of life, right?

So now not only did I accept the uber challenge of working for me, the most scattered boss of them all, but I've made it public in this gaggle of blogs I've set up. Thereby making many of my moves available to the scrutiny of 20 or 30 some odd folks. By my calculations. Being a chemist. Which is the other end of the pendulum swing when it comes to deciding to post blogs in the first place. I blog for so many varied reasons: to "get my yayas out" as Rachel used to say when she was 6 and I was learning she was brilliant, to entertain myself, to put a human element to the ultimate work that I expect to one day (Oh please let it be true one day) post on here...images of my designs and such, to help draw more potential clients (blogging keeps a site fresh and up-to-date and the search engines and directories seem to find you more easily as a result, and why have a site if you're not gonna' draw visitors, right?) and so on and so forth.

And so it was another ranting, rambling entry. Many apologies. There's a bunch of guys outside the window putting up gutters, my computer is really, really slow, I keep getting phone calls that distract me, I'm trying to sort out the next few hours' responsibilities, and I'm watching the clock to see that I don't get too far off track with the other things I have to do today.

As if this isn't common. If you're a reader of my blog you no doubt come here to remind yourself of how sane and balanced you are. So you're used to this allovertheplacedness. Welcome back and congratulations on your calm and focus. I laud you. Really. Now I'll go see if I can't get back to those deadlines I was complaining about.