Out of shape

That'd be me. Completely and utterly out of shape. While I was moving that endless supply of boxes filled with my life's acquisitions, I thought that was a good start. I was building muscles and figured I might as well do something to keep it up.

But I basically kicked my own butt and found myself nearly comatose after the move. So much for keeping up a pace, eh?

This morning it occurred to me that Jan has this great exercise thingie just around the corner from my room. It might be good for more than acting as a coat rack! (No, that's not what she uses it for, but that was a joke my sister made when she had this great cool exercise glider thingie and kept hanging stuff on it.) So I put on my workout shoes and went in to try it on. After stretching for a bit.

And I kicked my own butt again. In about 3 minutes and 9 seconds. I wish I were kidding.

I'm sure there's an optimum resistance setting for a beginner and quite frankly doing anything focused and goal-oriented that will help eliminate the increasing size of these scary thighs is going to be good. But I've gotta' do better than this.

A while back I lost a bit of weight. I wish I could have proudly told everyone I worked hard to achieve that improvement. That would have been a big honkin' lie. I just started taking some good meds for A.D.D., the side-effect of which depleted my appetite for a long time. Voila.

Then reality sets in, you crank up the stress factor in your life by, oh, about 73%, and suddenly your appetite has returned with a vengance. But your physical activity hasn't kept up with said appetite.

Anyway, this is an ongoing theme in many of our lives, I'm aware. But I can't be responsible for yours, only my own. And much as I love my family, my gene pool packs a whallop of health-related concerns I'm not really that interested in taking on for myself. Each year that passes I think "I've gotta' get in shape" and then I don't and another year passes and so on and so forth.

I brought a couple of pilates DVD's here with me, too, and I think I'll also be working to pull some of my favorite dance tunes together in a nice mix 'cause that's another way to inspire myself to move - dancing is the best form of exercise - and this imposing piece of equipment is oddly inspiring rather than daunting. So even if I can barely make it more than a few minutes, I figure that's a start and in time I'll surpass my meagre beginnings. And of course I know a small effort more than one time within a day can be a good idea, too, right? Now that I've rested a bit, maybe I can try again. Of course, it's also nearly not morning anymore and "they" tell me that eating breakfast is vital. I hate eating breakfast. It literally makes me feel queasy at times to think of eating in the morning. Too bad. Gotta' do it.

There. I said it out loud. And told some people. Accountability is helpful, right? We'll see!