A list - after the fact

At times I post lists in my blog that share with my poor readers what I'm intending to do. Do I go back and read them to see if I accomplished what I've asserted? Rarely. But I often really do accomplish a great deal. So I thought I'd comment on that today, instead of setting myself up for more stress! How's that sound?

Yesterday, in no particular order, I:

  • made a couple of more pendants from clay.
  • went to pick up some things from my storage unit. (The piles still stressed me out so I didn't stay long. And I still can't find the wrist braces. Bother. I have several and really don't want to spend the money, but all this computer work is gonna' get to me if I don't start wearing something supportive again soon while I type. Especially after overdoing it by trimming that hugemongous hedge before I left the old house.)
  • ran a few more errands there's no need to tell you about.
  • set up my printer and printed a few business page/receipt thingies for my accountant. Changed the magenta cartridge. Why would that one run out now when the others seem to be doing so well? Odd little contraption.
  • transferred a few web pages I've been hosting for some artist friends to a different site so I can cancel a service I don't want to keep paying for anymore - incentive comes when the quarterly bill is looming in a week or so...
  • emailed a friend I've lost touch with and keep thinking and wondering about. She wrote back. Hopefully we'll be able to get together soon.
  • exchanged a couple of business emails with clients who have small needs.
  • had a few phone calls that lasted quite a while. It's good to catch up with people who have lost you.
  • called an old friend who was a former co-worker after dreaming about her. She was busy but sounded genuinely pleased to hear from me. Hopefully we'll get to talk soon.
  • indulged in a couple of crying spells. It's good to let yourself do this every, oh, month or so. No?
  • wrote in every single one of my blogs.
  • took out the trash.
Anyway, I guess it doesn't sound like that much, but it feels good to be returning to a sort of "normal" routine. May today be even more productive!