Where to begin?

So let's say you get all settled in your new home, most of your belongings are accessible (or on a list for next time you use the gas to drive over and look for them in storage,) and you've had a decent night's sleep. Good for you, eh?

Uh. No. There's more and you've gotta' get on it. Immediately. Perhaps you, like me, find this morning's challenge has to do with prioritizing. What will you do? I'd like a call, really. I mean, it seems equally important to me to connect with the web client, to fix the web problems of your own that have been identified, and to finish making the new pendants you started last night. (Your new roommate who already had her system down-pat will thank you enormously if you'll get that honkin' box of clay tools, the 25 lb bag of clay and the remainder of said clay-making accoutrements out of her tidy kitchen.)

Never mind the errands you have to run today.

What I really want to do is go back to bed. I have cramps, I'm cranky and I'm not in the mood to worry about anything. Worry is a useless emotion and yet it seems I have a great deal of skill in this arena.

I'll let you know what wins!