Creating a new "normal"

It's been a while since I've experienced anything routine and in some ways that's cool...shakes things up and lets me try a different way. Getting my computer hooked up again today was huge. Of course I've had access to the internet, which is nice, but there's something great (especially for a "computer person") about having access to one's own files.

And after hooking that up (the pcu is still sitting in the floor awaiting the next run to my storage unit so I can bring back a longer data line so I can set things up in the location I'd intended) I decided to peek around at a few online catalogs that boast artisan and fashion jewelry. Thought I'd see if anything indicates a change in upcoming designs that I didn't know about yet. Who knows? Everybody does their own thing, and although I see some trends it's also nice to know that we have a range of options this year, as in many seasons, with what we choose to wear around our necks. Works out nicely for me since I like to make what I want to make and not be utterly confined to what the trend watchers say I need to make.

So I made my first necklace since arriving in my new home. It's kinda' way cool. I love it, in fact. But I'm not going to put a photo on here yet. See, I'm going to participate in some upcoming local shows with some other potters. I understand that there's a huge increase in locals who are also making clay pendants as I do, and I'd rather hold off and roll out my newest designs a little later on. I love knowing that others are doing something's so much fun. But I still have to consider maintaining what bit of competitive edge I have, as well. It is, after all, a part of my livelihood to sell these pieces!

And now I'm gonna' make another one. Ta ta!