If I were somebody besides me, I might describe this morning's discovery this way: "My fingers done swole up!" I'm telling you, it's weird. I woke up and my hands felt the way they did that time Joy and I replaced the screens in the porch at our Fisher Ave. apartment. That many pulls of the trigger on a staple gun will apparently put your hands into a bit of trauma. I couldn't understand it this morning when I found my hands in this much pain and the fingers truly sausagelike in the manner of those descriptions other people throw about but you never get to use. It was the hedge trimmer, of course, which I eventually realized. I used to get Bob to handle those hedges and so had only trimmed them myself a time or two. A long time ago, and since they were so out of control this time, it took more time. Add to that the already-over-the-top amount of physical work I'd been managing and my hands are not amused.

Guess what? Except for the 3-6 odd things I absolutely must handle today, I do believe I'm going to give myself a mental health day. It will start with another bubble bath (the second since my arrival here, but this time my bath pillow has arrived and so I'll be even more comfy. In addition to the bath beads and some nice bubbles, I also added some eucalyptis oil to the water. Hope those things won't combine and explode as soon as I step a toe into the mix. Surely not...

So that's what you've been missing, darlings. Fun with Melody. My goal is to be back to living a creative life very, very soon. I think I know where my tools are, and the beading supplies are here with me. And when I'm ready to make that drive back over to the storage unit I used to be so thrilled with but now in which I can scarce turn around, I can pick up a bag of clay, too. Time to get back to work on some pendants. And Jan said if we can get some order in the garage we might just be able to bring my wheel over. Woo hoo! That's even better than my earlier plan to just throw pots in the doorway of the storage unit. (It held much greater appeal when there was more breathing room.) So I'll help her with the garage... and happily so.

Now for that bath. Cheers!