The move that lasted forever

I wish I were making that up. I am still not finished moving from the house I lived in for two years. One of the most frustrating things was having to call my landlady's son (landlord, I suppose) to tell him so last night. He was kind although not thrilled, having contractors coming this morning. That'd be two of us who wished I'd been able to pull it off. He'd given me extra days, even. But by around 7pm I was barely able to move another step and with still so much remaining, I knew I couldn't finish. So I called him. I worked until 8:30. (You can imagine how much fun I was for that last hour and a half.)

Now I'm waiting on a phone call so I can't go back just yet (ohhhhhh the disappointment) but after that call, and a shower, it's back to the move. Today must absolutely be my completion date on this endless move. Want to know what I have left? Good...let me make my to-do list with you looking on:

  • Items in car must be moved into this house (likely the garage for now, where we were able to make a bit o' room) then other stuff, also still in car, will be taken to my storage unit. Which is so close to being full.
  • Back at the house, I still have several half-full boxes sitting around (although in more-or-less tidy piles) that will have to be packed better and moved to storage. Oh. And several chairs, and a stack of laundry baskets.
  • The kitchen cabinets still have spices, baking supplies and linens as well as a few random mugs I wanted to keep with me for comfort and joy.
  • The cabinet beneath the kitchen sink hasn't been touched. That's where I keep cleaning supplies, stuff for the car, and a few more gardening-related products. Probably some pet stuff, too. I get to make a nice run over to that place where you turn in your hazardous waste. They have odd hours. Wonder if they're open today?
  • Fridge is still full and messy. On a good day nobody I know likes cleaning out a fridge. Today will be even more fun.
  • The linen closet and bathroom cabinets are still just like they were.
  • And in the living room there is still a TV, DVD player and VCR, along with a folding chair, all sitting in the middle of the floor, and random stuff laying on the mantle.
  • OHHHH! And I've still got some towels in the dryer which have to be folded and added to that which comes out of the linen closet.
  • And in the bedroom are 4 more of my bed pillows.
  • I then need to dust the doorframes and molding, then vacuum the house. Probably should also mop the bathroom and kitchen floors, too.
  • And trim the hedges.

See why I'm looking forward to my day? I wonder how long all this will take me?

New roomie bought me some bubble bath and salts. And put irises in my room last night. These are gestures that are twice as meaningful during a week like this. What was it The Little Engine That Could said? I think I can...I think I can... Yea, well, what he said.