Social/Technology Faux Pas

I'm sorry. Really I mean it. If you're one of the people who received my "I'm moving and here's how you're going to get in touch with me going forward" email and saw that I included everybody on the recipient list instead of blind copying all, please forgive me. I'm distracted, I have a million and fourteen things going on, some of which are kinda' uncool, although many are very much cool, and frankly I had a brain fart.

I consider myself to be fairly aware of online protocol and so I know it's bad form to send an email in that manner. The good thing is that it's not one of those "please forward this to everyone you know" emails, (really, think about it - when's the last time I sent you one of those?! Exactly...) and therefore it likely will be done with after it's read (or perhaps not even read, but just trashed by those former co-workers who, frankly, aren't that concerned with my comings and goings. But if you are a reader of that email and you wish I hadn't sent it to you along with a mass list of others, know it wasn't intentional.

I could go on and on, as apparently I've already done, but what would be the point? As it is, now people can find me, perhaps a bit too easily, and that's that.

Now I shall put it out of my head and get on with the packing...