Nothing like a good box...

I can't remember if I wrote anything about this in here or not, already, but I'm gonna' mention it again if I did. You know how many times it's difficult to get your hands on a good "paper box" like you would buy a case of printer paper in? They come sized to hold 10 reams of paper, I've learned, and it seems they're in high demand. I love them because when I'm putting so many things in storage, much of which I'm going to want to occasionally access without ripping off tape and replacing the tape when I close it back up. But did you know they make those handy boxes for 5 reams of paper too? A little half box with its own removable lid! I loooooooove my little boxes. Got 5 of them the other night, and about to run out 'cause I quickly filled that size - it was perfect for so many of my project-supplies, you know? So maybe I'll stop by the store that gave 'em to me and see if I can snarf some more. I have to go there anyway...I was overcharged on a 50 cent item. It's worth it to me to get the $4.50 refund, especially since it's more or less in my neighborhood. And since I need more boxes.New idea.

So a few minutes ago I was finally able to manage to get that big honkin' box down off of the near-the-ceiling built-in shelf in this room that housed so much of my treasure (junk) for so long. And discovered, upon opening it, that it was poorly packed. I can see why I used that enormous box since the items (old, but worth of reusing frames, glass and etc.,) are large and oddly shaped. But I roamed the house and found that I had something better. It's taller than the other, but has a more reasonable footprint. And I can put more things inside it and will hopefully find a good out-of-the-way location for it in storage. We'll see, I suppose. If not, I have another idea.

And there's my update. I promised to try and check back in to force myself to feel accountable to someone. (The people who read, NOT the blog itself. Just so you know I know the difference. I'm not that much of a dork. Not yet, anyway.)