From another place

This is gonna' have to be short but I feel compelled to keept up my one good habit...regular posting on this blog. I'm at Jan's this morning and have actually been awake (if you can call it that,) for almost two hours. Sleeping in my new room last night was cozy and comfy although my dreams were odd and frankly I was pleased to be rid of them the two times I woke up. So many of my things are still at the old house and all I can say is thank God that Jake offered to let me have through the end of the weekend to get all my stuff out. Of course, I might have been more rigid with myself had I not had these extra days, but either way it's a good thing. I have a looooong day of work ahead of me today and unless I'm tougher than I think, and you never know, I'll be back again tomorrow.

For now I'll finish a cup of coffee, make myself look somewhat presentable for public presence (already showered, woo hoo) and go run by the post office on my way back to a day of work I'm trying not to dread. But, as my Mom used to tell me when I was a kid, "Sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do. Even grownups." Aargh.