Then what?

Wonder what I'll blog about so regularly as all this, once the move is finished? Ha! As if this move is going to be finished. But really, It's become mildly amusing to me to check in and write these entries telling everyone (that'd be my 12 regular readers,) how the move is going.

Since last night's check in, I've vacuumed the sofa that will be picked up by Lutheran Family Services today, and washed the slip cover, which will naturally accompany it (it's not a pretty sofa anymore, although I suspect it once was.) I've also vacuumed a bit of the dust, turned the sprinklers BACK on for a small watering of one more section of the garden (only because my sister is coming and that, alone, will help me remember to turn them off. How do people with fine lawns do it?! I'll bet they have timers and stuff.)

Anyway, it's not much, but then again, it's not quite 9 yet, either. So now what? Clothing. I have to go in there and sort through all my attire and figure out the best way to manage it on its way to Jan's and what to store and how best to store it and so forth. And so on and so forth. Ad nauseum...