Nervous laughter as I look around the house at all the boxes

I believe I was supposed to be further along than I am now. Like, much further along. I'm looking around and I can totally see progress. In each room I walk through. And I am cognizant of the fact that every box in every room is not awaiting stuff. I have a lot of empty boxes. Good. I kept running out and perhaps I've overdone it just a bit. But still, I was planning to be finished.

Nonetheless, all the utility companies now know where to send my final bill (or deposit refund, depending...I much prefer the latter,) and when to release me of my obligation to continue generating monies toward said bills. And I have my friend Marcy's van (imagine if tomorrow brings us rain all day long ...what would I do if I were using an open bed truck for these final boxes?!) And I've paid the least the ones that were due. And taken another load to storage. And packed a jillion more boxes. And halfway packed that many more. But oh how it seems there's so much more to go.

Oh crap. I left the sprinkler on. Over an hour ago. Not kidding. The rain has been threatening for days and the ground was dry and hard. My sister's coming tomorrow morning to dig up a few plants I bought while I was here (not to worry...I'm leaving the yard improved, even without the plants she gets.)

MANNNNNN. I just got out of the shower. Have a towel on my head and another one on, well, me! Wasn't really planning to put on real clothes and walk outside in the dark. Not really an option, though, is it?