The zen of packing

Yesterday Filiz came over and helped get tons of my mess in order. That was so cool. She said she'd almost just come and knocked on the door and insisted on helping me since I never called (as I said I would.) Sometimes it's easier to order someone else's stuff, and she brought that kind of fresh perspective to my chaos. And so last night after I ran a ton of errands, I got back into my packing rhythm and I swear it was actually nice. When I don't have to see all the stuff I'm not actually touching at any given time, and I can truly "handle one thing at a time" then I do get into a sort of zen.

Isn't it sad? This is what my life's come to. But on the other hand, not sad at all. It's kind of nice to touch everything you own and decide, afresh, if you really and truly need and/or want to keep it. I mostly answer "yes" to the inquiry, since I went through such two years ago and downsized a looooot. But of course we do acquire more and I have gotten to eliminate some things.

I'm thinking a trip to deliver more things to storage this morning will be in order. Clearing out a whole honkin' pile of boxes from the house could really make a difference in my perceived ability to handle today's project. Plus it's easier to walk in here when there's not so much to trip over.