Oh, and it's a bigoldpile of stuff, too...

You know, there are a lot of different ways I could approach this mess. Piles in every room, lining the walls, filling the corners, boxes piled on and under things and each other. And everyone has a bit of grand advice, too:

  • "Take one room at a time." (That would be grand advice if I actually kept things in a single room that dealt with a single need. I don't.)
  • "Tackle one thing at a time." (Well, yea, I don't really have a choice about that, do I? I do?")
  • "Breathe." (Thank you. That's advice I do need. And I'll try to remember but you may want to remind me again.
  • "You'll end up throwing everything in any old box, just to get it finished." (Um, no. Actually, I won't. Part of the reason I'm making all these crazy changes in the first place is to find some order in my life. If I'm touching everything I own, why, then, wouldn't I find a way to somehow organize it in the process? So everything is gonna' be in a labeled box, or it'll be put on the shelf in storage in a way that I can see exactly what's in it. Thank you very much.) That one's particularly popular advice.

And so on and so forth. I actually appreciate the kindness of my friends and family members. They love me. Way much. I know this without question.

I'll find my system and it won't be systematic in any respect. I'll make more than one list and I'll find a way to fashion a table where there isn't one and I'll get my groove on (music is gonna' fix me right up in a minute...right now I'm still about half asleep) and it'll start to happen. And I'll tell you about it.

Ooh...wanna' see pictures of the chaos? Well, maybe I'll take some. Right now I'd better get on it...