A.D.D. and the "Bad Day"

What if you're A.D.D. and you're having a bad day? Well, chances are there's nothing particularly distinctive or remarkably different from anybody else's bad day. Only you lumber slowly from thing to thing. Neither thing, of course, has to do with that list you've been working on.

If you're fond of the Internet then watch out. This is when hard-core surfing can take hold and you might look up to realize you made the coffee over an hour ago and haven't bothered to pour any.

Among the things you might consider along the way:

  • Canada's nice. I wonder what's going on up there.
  • Vancouver in particular. They say the weather is amazing, and there are mountains AND water.
  • Oh, look! They are going to host the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Vancouver. Nifty!
  • Are there any good Vancouver blogs? That'd be where the real stuff is, wouldn't it?
  • Oh, look! Nice blog. Wonder who he uses? WordPress. I've seen some other good sites powered by WordPress. I love Squarespace, of course, but I also love learning new things. Wonder how it works?
  • Check out that download. How fast it went!
  • What on earth am I doing?!
  • I wonder if anyone's been looking at my blogs? Odd...they have although I haven't been writing much.
  • Gotta' fix that.
  • But I don't have the inclination to write today.
  • There's a deadline tomorrow and I really should get on it. I loathe missing a deadline.
  • The phonecalls I'm expecting today are gonna' start soon and it's nine o'clock and I haven't had a shower.
It's gonna' be a fine day, I'm sure. I just haven't convinced my brain yet. Perhaps I'll turn on some good tunes, first, and get into the shower. Ever notice that THE CD you want to listen to is in the car when you most want it? Maybe I'll throw on some clothes and run out there and get it first. I REALLY want to hear that CD.