So many talented people around me

This weekend I learned that a friend of mine made a short movie for a contenst. Amazing. It's so cool to think that I know somebody with that kind of skill...and talent.

And another friend is about to shoot her first wedding. That's scary stuff. She's gone to photo school, though, and is gonna' have an assistant and so will be okay.

Can't show you their websites cause they don't have 'em. Just wait...they'll be talked into it one day.

Caught up with a lot of people this weekend that I've neglected for a while now. Other friends, too, who are just as amazing in their own projects and interests and abilities.

I am surrounded by wonderful people. Been spending time thinking about appreciation lately. It's a good idea to remember gratitude. Often. Gotta' call my family soon. I hope they're okay.

It's probably time to start work since today promises to be full. I'm just kinda' rambling since I should shower first, make some coffee...all that stuff we do when we're grownups and know what has to be done. Just want to go back to sleep. Thinking if I sit here writing long enough, I'll wake me up. It's not happening.

Wishes for a glorious day, though!