"Have you taken your medicine yet?"

"Have you taken your medicine yet?" Ever hear that one? I have. And it's not my favorite, although I always keep myself in check knowing the asker is most certainly meaning good rather than harm.

I got it yesterday when a friend and I were having a late - and yummy, I might add - lunch. Mexican food. We were talking about much. Or maybe it was just me who was talking about much. And she asked The Question.

Which of course led to my answer of "no" but with a bit of irritation brought on by the knowledge that Strattera is supposed to be the kind that just gets into your system over a matter of days and doesn't affect you from day to day like the others.

Nonetheless, she asserted. I was much less focused than usual. Well don't we get to be that way from time to time? It's not unreasonable.

And then we ate too much, went to Target, fixed some of her earrings and it was a good day. Good thing I WAS all over the place, too, eh?