An old fashioned address book

While listening to moontaxi:
Track: Existence - Bugge Wesseitoft (Edit) Artist: Varist Artists
CD: Cafe Del mar volume six Label: MCA Records

Remember how I dropped my phone and broke the part that lets me see anything of use unless the flip part is closed? Like people's numbers or who's calling when I'm on a call already. Well, when I called Cingular Wireless, who gives me rollover minutes which I love, they confirmed that I had indeed failed to have the foresight that would have led me to get insurance on my phone so this wouldn't fall under any warranty they might have offered someone whose phone just "up and died" of its own accord. Unlike those phones the owners of which hurl them to the floor on a regular basis for no apparent reason other than that they're clumsy beyond belief.

Where was I?

Ah, yes. About to tell you about a tangent that evolved from my self-inflicted phone damage. So they told me I could take the sim card out an put it in my old one. Actually they told me I could buy a new one. Then I remembered I had one about which I once saw some chick on TV once declare to some dude on TV, "Look at your old school phone!" His was like mine, anyway. I didn't like her tone, frankly. And now that I'm very much in love with my teeniny little newer-school, flip phone (although I'm sure she's very Imagecool and hip and has a much better phone than I do by now,) it'll be even more annoying to switch back to the old one. If I do so. So once I remembered I had this phone somewhere and asked Cingular rep if I could use it again (no, darlings, I didn't tell her about the self-righteous TV chick,) she agreed that I could, indeed, just move the sim card over to the old one. First, of course, I'd have to find it.

But when I lost the ability to just call people whose numbers I don't know (90% of the bunches of people I know well enough to keep their phone numbers programmed into my cute little maimed flip phone,) without looking up their numbers but by, instead, just pushing a button that coordinates their name and phone number, I emailed most of them asking for one more chance. They humored me mightily. And then I made a list I've been carrying around with me and putting down in the oddest places which led me to print more than one copy which I also tend to misplace.

Now. I tell you that story to connect the dots over to this other story. While getting ready to move, I've been contemplating "packing light" a great deal - something I haven't yet gotten a handle on - and went out and bought a smaller organizer planner book (still haven't made the transition to the little handhelds everybody else seems to be using, especially when they're as geeky as I seem to be these days,) which was a student one since that's the best way to find one that starts in August instead of next January (how would that help me now? I ask you,) and some other things that are lighter weight and more portable, too. Like an old fashioned address book.

I'm not kidding when I tell you the thought of actually purchasing my own mini address book instead of receiving yet another novelty one for Christmas which I'll never use or updating the pages in my just-about-to-be-packed-away-again Franklin Planner, gave me a bit of a shock. It took me off guard for a minute. I mean, I keep my addresses on my desktop (yea, let's not even get into what an ordeal switching from a desktop to a laptop is gonna' be,) but we don't really carry those around in our shoulder bags now do we?

Really, I can't remember the last time I bought a little address book. And this time when I realized I should get one, I laughed out loud at myself (sorry, I rarely LOL, I still laugh out loud,) and felt momentarily sheepish. This is what technology has done to/for us. I love technology. Don't get me wrong. But there's still something infinitely useful about having an old fashioned address book. And how cool that I found one I really like that is also real purty. I'll even show you a picture. Scanned it just for you. Now if anybody sees I've put it down somewhere and walked away, you'll know whose it is and can give me a head's up so I don't get all upset and nervous about where to look for it.

Now all I have to do is write in it. A lot. It's gonna' take awhile, but I'm having faith in myself... I'll let you know how it goes!