A full day and then some...

Ever wake up wondering if you actually slept all night? I just did that. A few hours ago, and every hour after that until I finally knew there was no reason to stay put.

Remember back in high school and even afterwards when you felt that way and you might have decided to stay home from school? It was a sick day that I later learned some parents referred to as "mental health days." I need one of those. Or a few. Although my friend Sarah said I should tell my Mom not to worry because she's checking up on me and I'm fine. (Mom was decidedly very worried when we talked last week, thinking I'm not resting enough.)

There's just a lot going on. So I have a pile of dishes in the sink and laundry to be folded and boxes to be packed and errands to be run and I know I promised a client I would get something to her by today and I haven't even looked at it yet. I know I will. As soon as I can get my brain to wake up and do some quality work. Until then, I'm hoping she'll cut me some slack. She will; she's incredibly kind that way.

Oh. And I need to cut the lawn. I got out the lawnmower and brought it to the back steps and everything, but then I needed to get more gas, which I've now done. But it's too early. When I went out to put more garbage in the bin by the street where I at least remembered to put it last night, the grass was too wet. That's probably not a good time to cut the lawn. And if I find the other drop cord, I can finish the trimming. I had a 25 footer, but it didn't reach long enough to get all I needed to trim.

There's a quote I can't attribute 'cause I never knew who said it, but today it comes to mind. "At this moment, everything that has ever happened is affecting everything that will ever be. And some people are bored." How in the world could we ever be bored?