Efficiency and compact packing

When I was in Atlanta last week, I realized several things about my packing style would need to change before I travel again, particularly on these longer, further trips. Toiletries, for example. Having the right bag for holding them. I have these little zippy bags that hold cosmetics - Clinique ladies, you'll know them well - and all three of the ones I carried were so full it was tricky to zip. You never know what products you'll need, see. For the hair, for the teeth, for the face. It's a neverending quest for hygeine and a youthful appearance, I guess you'd say.

Since returning, I've asked my friend, Leslie, if she would help me design a travel bag that she can sew for me that will be custom made for my purposes. Problem is, I still don't know for sure what the best design will be. I'm thinking a larger outer bag with shoulder straps that can be used as a carryon, if I want, that holds two smaller bags. I'd wanted one of these to hold all my little cases for CD's because sometimes it's so nice to hear the actual CD in a stereo rather than through your computer's tinny speakers. Know what? I'm gonna' have to give that up. Music is vital, but I ain't traveling far with a big pile o' CD's. Frankly that just reflects my sometimes short-sighted tendencies.

But there should be two smaller bags, nonetheless, and one of them will be for all those toiletry items. The other will hold "the dry stuff." Like planner, sketch pad, camera...you get the gist. Then I'll get to have my important stuff with me, but it won't all be jumbled up.

My mom gave me this great piece of upholstery fabric I love but never knew what I was gonna' do with. Sage green with cream-colored, raised flowers. I'll show it to you when I find it. As it is, I got no idea...

And I think I'm gonna' be out of this house by WHEN????