Commence with packing already

Did I mention I'm moving? Today I moved forward with my labeling system and have officially put 5 boxes into a friend's borrowed van. Which sits in my driveway waiting, wondering why there aren't more boxes.

Let me tell you about my system. First, I bought brightly colored paper. Then I cut each page into quarters. Each color is then added to a master list and coordinated with a heading: "kitchen, creative, gardening, bedroom/clothing," etc. As the boxes are filled, I typed out, in 26 point type, what's inside. On white paper. Twice, with about 3 inches between. Those labels are taped to the center of a colored paper (strategically coordinated so that "gardening books" is taped atop a piece of purple paper that's meant to indicate, from afar, that books are inside) and folded over the right, front side of the box. Then taped down with serious tape. Now if I'm standing in the doorway of my big, honkin' storage unit and I need books, I can quickly scan the room and find the stacks of boxes with labels I can't read from that far, but if those labels have purple backgrounds, then I'll know it's books. That is, if I remember to print out a key and tape it to the wall by the door of my storage unit.

Speakin' of my storage unit, which is big enough to drive two cars into and for which I got a great deal and only have to pay 1/2 price for the first three months which is so cool since I've been struggling with a personal "situation" that's kept me far away from my scheduled activities and I haven't put one single thing in that storage unit.

No mind, I will tomorrow, and in time all personal situations will be behind me (the law of averages tells me this, see, and my faith in humanity and positive outcomes, along with my Daddy's optimist gene passed on to me,) I'll be out of the house and living with a friend before embarking upon my string-o-travels. And when I need to find a book, I'll know right where they are.

That's the plan, anyway...