Cooking with A.D.D. chick

cle-phone-cooking2.jpgHere's a fun conversation I thought you might enjoy reading, after the fact. It occurred one night while I was visiting Cindi and her family in Atlanta.

Cindi: Do you like cream cheese squares?
Me: Sure, you makin'em?
Cindi: (eyes glimmering like a wee one.) Yea. I think I will. (It's 9:04pm.)
Me: Cool. (She checks the fridge.)
Cindi: Aah, man. We used all the butter. Remember the hollandaise sauce? (I remember the hollandaise sauce. Oops. It may be my fault. I didn't realize it was the last stick.)
Cindi: I'll call next door and see if they have any.
(She calls. Not only do they have butter, but the 11 year old wants to bring it over. She gets the promise of some cream cheese bars tomorrow. Walking out, she says "Score!")

Cindi: (Minutes later.) Noooooooo!
Me: What?
Cindi: We don't have any eggs????? (She continues searching through the fridge.) Remember Joe made eggs yesterday morning? I totally forgot. (She picks up the phone giggling.) I'll call Teresa. (Minutes later, I return from Connie's house, across the street, two eggs in hand. Teresa didn't answer the phone...Cooking continues nicely. Husband joins us, having successfully put the children to bed.)
Husband: Do you ever check a recipe before you start cooking?
Cindi: Well... Um. TELL me we aren't out of powdered sugar! Remember those ants...? (Picks up the phone to call Kelly.) Hey. Do you have any powdered sugar? Yea? Can I borrow some? Okay, Joe'll be down in a minute to get it.
Husband: Uh, that'd be no. (So we walk to Kelly's and she hooks us up with a honkin' bag of powdered sugar.)

Those were some yummilicious cream cheese bars. Eventually.

And the next morning she was extra special careful to take her little A.D.D. pill.