Multi-talented artist's site - more raku and then some

You know, I can spend all the time I want reading about raku potters, I'm not gonna' be making this stuff anytime soon. Remember how I'm putting my stuff in storage and traveling? This is somehow related to my seemingly endless ability to procrastinate and allow myself to research things that have nothing to do with where I was twenty minutes before. But I'll admit it's very possible that I'll be able to do some raku pendant firing, which is more on the scale of what I do now, anyway.

Before I go off, though, onto a slightly different search for raku pendants to inspire me, I'll share a site with you that I thought had some nice pieces. Linda Rogers is a photographer, potter and diver whose work, reflects a blending of all those passions. Amazing how that works out for creative types. Here's a link to her raku pieces, but the site shares other nice pieces as well.