Cool to be in a house with other A.D.D. types

Trying not to be bitter that I just lost the entry I had completed and that I'm starting again, I'll do it anyway. And tell you that I'm visiting my friend, Cindi, whom I've mentioned before. Drove down here on Wednesday night, late, I think it was, and it's Sunday now. Not only is she "blessed with this issue" but her 8 year old daughter is "one of us" as well.

Amusing and cool and wacky to be around people who lack focus in the way I lack focus, and familiar and gratifying. I love being around my less focus-challenged friends, of course, since most of "my people" (other) are more focused than we. But just for a few days to be surrounded by the kind of energy that usually lives within my own head is most excellent. They say like speaks to like and I suppose this is a good example of that.

Better not get too used to it. I believe I'm going home tomorrow...