Not trained to be an electrician

Even though I've learned how to wire lamps, and have done so on many occasions, that doesn't make me an electrician. I learned this a couple of nights ago when Jan and I decided we could switch out the chandelier in her new townhouse. The one she wanted up is vastly superior - iron and with wonderful lines as opposed to pretends-to-be-brass-but-is-prolly-plastic. Since we're both "do it yourself" kinda' women, we figured this would be okay, too. But I did make her go out and turn off the electricity at the box.

This morning I'm wondering why my neck, of all things, is sore and stiff. It was mildly so yesterday but today is worse. It's all that standing up on the ladder trying to work with the wires and screws and such up there on her dining room ceiling.

Dude, you need to hug your electrician. That's hard stuff. And since the threaded nipple through which the cords run were not the same size on both light fixtures, there was more trouble than we anticipated. It seems you really do have to plan in advance to ensure you have all the right materials, not just guess that you might.

But we tried. In fact, when I left, there was a gorgeous chandelier hanging over her table. But it don't work one little tiny bit!

She'll have to call a real electrician but I have to tell you: there's huge satisfaction in not saying "I can't do it" straight out. Gotta' try first, and then if you discover there are some things you could probably learn to do but didn't succeed at one time, you'll feel better. I do, anyway. Best to choose when to say "Nah, that's best left to the professionals."

This is a perfect time to say that. I hope she finds a good one. I'll bet he/she has a strong neck...