Over at 43 Things

I'm only mildly familiar with the concept of 43things.com. It's intriguing. It's an online place to go and make a list of your goals. They share:

People have known for years that making a list of goals is the best way to achieve them. Why is that? First, getting your goals in writing can help you clarify what you really want to do. You might find you have some important and some frivolous goals. That is OK. You’ve got space for 43 Things on your list. Not every one of them has to change the world (but save room for the ones that might).
This makes sense, since we all know you have to write down your goals. And I usually do. Never mind that they're rarely recorded in a single place so I'm writing them again and again. But maybe that's even better. It's working for me. The more I write 'em the more I remember 'em and that's big - I forget stuff a lot since I'm always coming up with new and interesting ideas (seem so at the moment, anyway,) and distract myself from recalling the other interesting ideas! You know...

So anyway, I've been in a little bit of a funk all day. It started with my waking from a dream that had me totally freaked out. I had promised multiple people I'd do things for them. All at the same time. And was still convincing myself - and trying to convince them, too - that I'd meet the deadline. Which was rapidly approaching. As I woke up and realized I didn't have to finish these undoable things, I also realized that song "I haven't got time for the pain" was cycling again and again through my head.

I swear.

So I'm in a funk and if you know me or ever read my blog you know I'm able to occasionally talk myself out of one of these. So I thought of my plans to travel. They're still so completely unsolidified but happy nonetheless, and so I went to 43things and found the entry "Travel Around the World" as some people's goal. I don't have that goal per se. I have the goal to "Travel Throughout The World, Wherever I Feel Like Going At Any Given Time." Wonder if that's an entry in there? If not, wonder if I should list it anyway. I'll be thinking about it.

And although my funk isn't gone, I'm certainly moving a little more rapidly than I was before.

A friend is coming over in a half hour to pick up a CD of some work I did for her office. I haven't burned the CD yet. Nor have I put on clothing presentable for guests or going to dinner. I think she's gonna' indulge my mood and let me have Mexican food for dinner.

I love Mexican food.

So I'd better change clothes and burn a CD, eh?