First she quits her job then she moves out of her house

Yep, that's what I'm gonna' do. Apparently the sense of unrest and curiosity wasn't to be completely managed by leaving the office and working for myself. It seems actually leaving my home of two years was also gonna' be necessary to help me answer the questions about this next phase of my life.

It's not surprising and I'm actually quite excited, although it's tricky to explain to friends and family that I haven't found an alternate apartment or house. See, there's so much to consider when you're going to "settle down" somewhere that it seems a little silly to make a permanent home in a city that you like okay but doesn't hold your heart enough that you don't often wonder about other places.

There's always been a fascination with the idea of being able to see other places. Years ago, in my high school days, I was pretty convinced that I needed to find a way to be a photographer for National Geographic. That was, of course, long before the Internet and I couldn't have imagined the opportunities the arrival of this www we so take for granted would open up to me beyond the fascination I found in those yellow-cover-encased pages.

Now to be able to do my work online and see other places and photograph what I want to in those places - all while continuing to move forward with my chosen professional path -  feels like such a no-brainer.

So if you're reading this and you've asked me, over the years, to please, oh please come visit, well if that invitation's still open, sit tight. I just may be coming soon to a sofa-bed near you.

I'm thinking of how exciting it will be to catch up with friends who've moved away - recently and in the past. Some I'm not actively keeping in touch with and so if any of those are reading this, you'll want to let me know you're still holding that spot for me. I'm certainly not likely to blow you off for a year and then suddenly call up and say "hey, can I stay with you?" 'Cause that's not what this is about.

Anyway, there'll no doubt be a lot of answers I have to find, and my plans will certainly be taking better shape in the coming weeks and months. But yes, I'm asking myself hard questions and yes, I'm going to be okay. I've secured a very large storage unit in my neighborhood (and the day I was about to go do so, I "happened" to find a 1/2 price for the first 3 months coupon for the VERY place I was about to go do business with,) and have a honkin' pile of boxes which I'm starting to fill up, between all the work and responsibilities I'm still working to fulfill.

Speakin' o' which - I have a couple of things that have got to be completed today and so maybe it's best to stop here and get to work. There's rather a lot piled up in front of me...