Although a bird watcher I am not

There is a most beautiful cardinal sitting outside my window, on the back of a lawn chair under the dogwood tree, and it makes me feel smiley.

I wonder (not enough to learn, mind you, but just enough to muse about it online) about the songs of cardinals. There is a very definite sound of birds chirpping right now, or was when I started this, although from the sound of it they're coming from around the house on the side. Could it be the cardinal has a family?

Somebody has a family around here. I heard baby birds peeping in the front of my house for so long a couple of weeks ago I went outside to see. I didn't stay long enough to find the nest in the azalea bushes but I believe there is one. Momma and Daddy were about to dive bomb me to send me away and they were most certainly protecting something. But I don't think they were cardinals. Robins, maybe?

Anyway, yesterday evening I noticed some tiny little, just one actually, hopping around in my front yard near that azalea bush and I wonder if it's not one of the babies I heard peeping. I need to get a camera ready. This would be a nice addition to my life, y'know?

Then I'll probably forget all about the birds because I stay so distracted by other things that I fail to spend too much time noticing them. But they're beautiful when I remember to.