Cell phone woes

When you get pushed in the pool with your cell phone in your pocket, it's a bad thing. Wait. That wasn't me. All I do is drop mine. Repeatedly.

So then when yesterday I woke up to find the LCD on my phone had an image with funky colors and the look of broken glass - although the surface was intact - I felt sick to my stomach. Truly. (This from a woman who didn't use a cell phone for ages after they'd become common.) And clearly remembered reaching far under the chair the night before to find the phone, then the back that had fallen further behind the chair. Mostly I felt this way because there are a lot of reasons I need to be accessible, and because I don't want to pay for another one and also because I didn't know if I would be able to use it! Well I can use it but all those numbers I've got stored in are still stored in there. Nice and tight.

Fortunately when the phone rings, the names still pop up so I can screen you if I want to. Although I usually don't. And fortunately I have email addresses of everyone I needed replacement numbers for. (Although I have to say a few friends haven't responded, assuming, I suppose, that I couldn't have lost THEIR numbers. People, really, I need your numbers. Even if you think I know it. Even if I've known you for ten years and you never change your number. Well especially the cell phones.)

See, I've gotten lazy. I hardly recall numbers anymore. People call me, I push the button and call them back. Or I scroll to their name and call 'em back.

Lesson to all of us. Keep backups. Really. Don't just say you will. Put your lists somewhere you can find 'em at a moment's notice. You'd hate to miss a huge paying client! As it is, I wonder how long I can deal with this inconvenience before I go down to the little phone store and buy another one?