The automated voice response unit

I wonder if all these big companies are really saving money by making all their processes automated? It seems that ultimately they could be, but many of the same companies are demanding more and more of their customer service reps (I still remember those days, ten plus years ago...perhaps you won't question why I chose to leave it all behind,) and so they have to make their benefits packages stellar. Therapy for everyone! When our brains can't go so fast.

Anyway, I'm reacting, no doubt, to these endless "push one for this or two for that" then they change the sequence then "Please hold for the next available representative." Which was really all I wanted to do in the first place. I know these systems are in place for our assistance and ease, but by the time we get to the live person, sometimes it's so hard to be kind the way we know we should. Hence the therapy they have to finally find. Then the enormous insurance premiums and the meds and then when you don't really know the side effects of these new-ish meds until years later when people start sprouting a third ear because of the supposedly helpful prescription that was gonna' solve all their problems...

I'm just saying maybe it would be easier if you called your company of preference and could hear, "Good morning. This is Gloria. How may I help you today?" Aaaah.... "the good ole' days."