It's always a risk

If I leave my house and start driving somewhere without giving my trip serious conscious thought, there's no telling how long it'll take me to get there. Maybe it's related to my little friend, "Attention Deficit Disorder," and maybe it doesn't. Today's little foray out into the world of "You can't do every single thing from within your home," was a great example.

Heading out to run an errand that absolutely had to be run before COB, Friday, (because A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. people often forget they're supposed to finish certain things until the very last minute,) I was enthralled by the clouds. Did you see those things? Amazing!!! Which I found doubly so since I'd been in here being a good little freelancer during the whole, purty day.

So I'm driving along and suddenly it hits me to consider the simple question: "Where am I, exactly?" Not that I didn't know where I was. But in relation to where I had been going...not such a good route, I'll tell ya.

I have friends who have learned to subtly suggest to me that we turn left or right when we're about to enter traffic. I have occasionally wondered to myself, "Does she think I'm a blooming idiot?! I have made this trip forty eleven thousand times!" And then I remember days like today and remember my friends remember days like today. And likely with much more vividness, 'cause stuff doesn't always stick in my head like it does in other's heads.

You'd think I'd never get anything done. As it is, I've accomplished amazing things this week.

Good thing I didn't have to leave my house to accomplish most of them...