It was a short little trip, but...

I had fun visiting with my family on Monday and Tuesday. Not a long trip at all, and I hadn't planned to go. Then this past weekend Daddy called to say, "I had a thought. It's a holiday on Monday, and I'm taking your Granddaddy home on Tuesday. Why don't you come see us!" Simple, to the point. And frankly leaving me no room for argument.

Which I didn't want to have - an argument, that is. Miss my family and wanted to see them. The only argument I could have found, which I quickly squelched, was the one that reminded me how many hours I need to be putting in at this chair right here, sticking to my work and not driving 3 1/2 hours to another state for less than 24 hours before I return. Nope, not a good argument in light of my father's proposition.

So I drove to Greenville. And it was nice.

My Granddaddy is the best storyteller I know. He talked to us about all sorts of things and this time I was very fortunate that even though I failed to bring my littel tape recorder, Mom found one and wisked it out upon my assertion that I wished I had one. Moms are good that way.

Grandaddy told us about a lot of things I'd never heard him mention, and I'll be telling you more about that soon. For now, though, I just wanted to tell you I went, had a great time with all three of them, and plan to tell you even more in the coming days about my amazing Granddaddy and the stories he shared.