Very little satisfies me more than

Organization. Spending some hardcore time in my office (or any other space, quite frankly) moving efficiently through a pile of stuff that should never have accumulated is most satisfactory.

I've ranted about this office space for as long as I can remember, and I cannot believe that one of my visitors could give a rat's patootie that I'm a sometimes slob or that I'm fighting my personal organizational demons in a mean way.

But that's the thing about having your own blog, see. It's yours. You can write whatever the heck you want. So I'm writing about getting my life in order. Because, see, it's things like this clutter that is standing in my way of being a shockingly productive human being. And the sooner it's orderly in here, my rhythms will improve, my energy will elevate, my pottery wheel will turn and I will be creating some pieces of pottery that make my heart sing.

So today's been much better than it started out promising to be. I've been at the laundry, actually cooked breakfast, did dishes that should never have been left in the sink, continued the office organization that was begun the other day when I moved all those shelves and boxes around, and it's slowly by slowly (a phrase I picked up from some folks whose first language is not English; do you love it as much as I do? Other variations include "some by some,"  which is even better, and not so odd at all, really when you think about how common it is for you to say "little by little" and "piece by piece") becoming a space in which I can move. I can't quite fathom how long the whole project will ultimately take me since there's so much standing in the way of its completion - like the kind of work that pays, and research and study to make myself a better web developer and marketer. And sleeping. Don't you just love a good night's sleep. Which I eventually had last night, after I finally got between the sheets.

Enough. Got some laundry to move around.