More on the personality type stuff

Funny how one little thought process can come, and then all this energy surrounds it.

The topic of Myers Briggs personality indicators has come into more than one or two of my conversations lately. Two friends admit that they've never been tested and would like to know "what they are." Another and I were talking about how true-to-reality some of the descriptions are. (She, too, dislikes immensely the mundane tasks of life, preferring the excitement of a new project and creative outlooks.)

I found another link that points to a free test, unlike many of the Myers Briggs tests which are understandably offered for a fee. I'd heard about Keirsey before, as a friend loaned me her book "Please Understand Me" which I have absolutely got to return to her soonest. I read, from the same siteas before, a comparison of some of the types. Seems:

NF - "The Idealists"

Keirsey describes the NF group's primary objective as "Identity Seeking". The NF grouping includes the types:

ENFJ - "The Teachers"
INFJ - "The Counselors"
ENFP - "The Champions"
INFP - "The Healers"

I'm intrigued to go read what they're describing as a "champion." Since that would be the parallel analysis of the ENFP. Or so it seems. So I'll go here to "Take the Keirsey Temperament Sorter." If you do as well, I'd love to hear what you discover!