The most interesting things are uncovered online at night

Late, late night, that is.

And, may I mention, there's a big honkin fly between the window of my office which is - happy to report - closed, and the screen. It's really, really big like the ones you see in those movies that only seem to be on late at night. Like right now.

But I am going to tell you about some interesting stuff I've come across online tonight. First, I read The Nudist on the Late Shift a few years ago. Loved it. Was mightily drawn to Po Bronson's writing style. So tonight I remembered him and went there only to be reminded of why I enjoy his writing so much. There's soul and heart in there, and a natural flow of words that appeals to me. The most flattering thing anyone said to me, ever, or at least it's up there in the rankings, was the day I read an excerpt to my friend Todd from Bronson's website. I was enthralled and was just dying to share his genius with someone. Todd sometimes gets me and so I figured I'd read it to him. When I was done, he said, "He sounds just like you." As if it were a no-brainer.

Now as I tell you this, I do so with complete humility, expressing to you in great ernestness that I know his perception was merely that - his own viewpoint. But I loved it nonetheless.

So see, it's after one a.m. and I should be in bed and I haven't really told you anything now except for the fact that there's a bigoldfly outside the window that keeps moving just enough to catch my eye, and that I like Po Bronson's writing and i think you should read it too.

Meanwhile, Miss Kitty is outside on the table near the back porch squeezed up against the planter that has all those herbs in them that would - if purchased separately and when each plant was in good health - have cost me easily $15. As it is, I bought the sad little pot-o-starved-herbs at the farmer's market seed store for $3 today. And I'm gonna' very much love nurturing them back to health. That is if Kenya doesn't knock 'em off when she's trying to get comfy.

I'd better go get her. It's past my bedtime. She might as well join me.