A.D.D. people should not be allowed...

...to have their own blogs.

Or maybe I just say this to make myself feel better for how slack I've been in keeping up with my self-imposed responsibility to write in here on a regular basis.

Evidence (the fact that some IP addresses are logged with nice, frequent regularity in my stats) suggests that some people would like it if I posted more regularly as I've indicated I would.

As it is, I have not. Hm. But I have done a lot of other stuff. Like:

  • kept my cat alive by feeding her when she asks for it,
  • following up on some email soliciations that may lead to good business
  • writing my parents on email
  • and some other people too
  • taking a friend to the airport
  • putting some plants into the ground so they don't die in those pots
  • watering one of my back yard beds
  • doing a boatload of work for paying clients
  • doing a shipload of work for myself which doesn't yield any money now but will yield funds in time, if I'm playing my cards right
  • had more than one nice long phone conversations
  • been to two different farmer's markets
  • and to The Fresh Market
  • washed a load of towels
  • studied for about an hour on some marketing related material I've been trying to consume so I can be a better business woman
  • read a couple of interesting blog entries
  • cropped and rotated a honkin pile of electonic photos
  • decided that my hair is, while too long to be considered a nice cut like the one it originally started out as, was its own interesting OTHER cut and so chose not to go for a haircut today
  • thought about washing the car and changed my mind when some thermometer or other (granted, that might have been a glitch) read 108 and I wilted at the thought of any more moments out of doors
  • watched a video about how to make your own beads
  • fell asleep during said video and decided to allow myself a nap
  • wished I hadn't napped and forced myself to get up
  • started writing in my long lost blogs and promised myself to write several entries before I let myself sleep. This is the third.
And that's what I know!